Dr. Dubravka Savic

Professor, University of Belgrade
(Faculty of Agriculture, Belgrade, Serbia, Europe)


Professional expertise:


  • Consultant on hydroponics in horticulture
  • Consultant for GLOBAL G.A.P. standard in primary plants production (vegetables and fruits)
  • Implementation of hydroponic production in horticulture in Serbia
  • Implementation of GLOBAL G.A.P. standard in Serbia
  • Greenhouse vegetable production
  • Greenhouse technology, operation and management
  • LED lighting in greenhouse vegetable production (crop productivity and growth parameters)
  • Vertical farming – vegetables
  • Light and plant productivity (in general)
  • Hydroponics (rockwool and NFT system)
  • Climate control in greenhouses
  • Vegetable crop monitoring
  • Vegetable crop productivity
  • Plant physiology applied in vegetable production in greenhouses
  • Transferring knowledge (interactive)
  • Maintaining good professional communication and a professional network abroad (the Netherlands) and in Serbia.